Upgrading my walks from 10 to 15 kilometers a day for two weeks

That last years I have been walking almost daily but also very rambling. There were days where I walked 7 kilometers and there were days where I walk 25 kilometers. So why should I upgrade my walks with 5 kilometers you may think? It’s not quantity that’s important but the quality I would like to upgrade. I’m trying to get my mind and body into a new habit. Now, the habit is already settled in as I’m continuously walking on a daily basis but it’s still too unstable to really settle in. Clarity gives focus. When I say I’ll walk the same mount of kilometer a day my mind doesn’t have to think or debate about it anymore. It’s a clear and simple goal.
On the other hand I can perfectly prepare my audio books or teaching videos for 90 minutes a day. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a happy and more structured life.

Preparation before my walks

  1. Eating one hour before my walk: it’s important to have some salt rich food before you go walking for more than two hours.
  2. Drink 500 ml one hour before my walk: I always drink about 500 ml of water before every long walk.