#1 – Why I’m starting to Vlog

More than a year ago life really punched me in the face and I went totally knockout. Luckily I had one strong ability; the ability to get back up and to look forward in a positive manner. I was already reading a lot of books on personal development and empowerment. It was like if my gut had a feeling something hard was coming my way. The only problem was that I didn’t realised it at those moments. And so as life works in mysterious ways; when you don’t listen to the obvious signs it will put you in a position that you have to listen. It puts you down, grabs you by the throat until you almost pass out. Gasping for air I could only follow my mind and body. At that moment my body screamed for fresh air and without realising I got up and started walking for a few hours trying to sort things out.

And did I get things sorted out? No, not in the beginning. At that time, and even after reading dozen of books and hours of video material I still did not realise what got me into this nasty situation.

But then my thoughts started to shift …


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