Top 10 extensions for marketing your WooCommerce store

The truth remains that no matter how amazing your store and products, people are not just going to show up and throw money at you. Even Coca-Cola knows there’s no good time to take the foot off the gas and let up on marketing, establishing your brand, driving sales and working on UX to drive sales and secure customer loyalty.

It’s an attention jungle out there, and once your WooCommerce store is running, you’ll do well to commit money and time towards marketing. This can take the form of serving up great content on social media, Facebook advertising, remarketing ads, or by adding extensions to your store itself.

Here are ten extensions I think are among the best for promoting your WooCommerce store.


Promote your store and engage customers via email

Sign shoppers up for email anywhere on your store

Getting started with email marketing requires a list, and to build that list you’ve got to have a signup method. The easiest way of signing up customers: asking them to sign up.

Newsletter Subscription easily integrates with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor via bespoke options screen in the WooCommerce settings. There is a dashboard widget which displays recent subscriber activity, and a widget for placing a signup form in your sidebar or any other widgetized areas.


The widget will also give you dashboard stats showing how many customers have subscribed in total, this month and today.

Drip email content to your customers

Connect your WooCommerce store to your Drip Email Marketing account so you can track and analyze your subscribers and customers.

Key features include conversion tracking and lifetime value. It’s extremely easy to use, dev-friendly and translation-ready.

WooCommerce Drip
Set up your campaign right in WooCommerce, then drip drip away.

Exporting and importing products in WooCommerce

Today I had a phone call from a client who was confused between the staging and production version of the website. Therefor the client added about +100 new products at de staging version. Usually I’m very sceptic about exporting and importing partial data into a website. Changes are always that content get’s scrambled. But I thought “Why not give the export and import tool of WooCommerce a try?”

Exporting products from the staging version

This step was quite easy. Just head on to the WooCommerce Products section an hit the ‘Export’ button on top of the page. WooCommerce will ask you how you would like to export the products. Just keep all default export settings but also activate the metadata checkbox. After hitting the export button WooCommerce will export and download a CSV file. Now let’s head on to the production version.

Importing products onto the production version

The importing procedure is also quite straight forward. In the products section of WooCommerce just click the ‘Import’ button. WooCommerce will give you some options. Important to notice here is that by activating the ‘SKU/ID’ you have the best change that the import is going to be successfully and you don’t end up with duplicate or missing content. Please be aware that the import taks is going to take some time. On my part it took about 15 minutes of runtime what’s really long. In the end I got some serious errors.

The final solution

The only and final solution was by deleting all the products on de production version and importing all the products from the CSV file. This way the import went smoothly. Any tips on getting the import function to work with checking the ID/SKU numbers is welcome in the comments below. I’m looking forward to your reply.


  1. Don’t try this directly on the production version. Use a local development version (as I did)
  2. Always make a backup of the production version is case something goes wrong
  3. And last but not least; inform the client not to make the same mistake again

Upgrading my walks from 10 to 15 kilometers a day for two weeks

That last years I have been walking almost daily but also very rambling. There were days where I walked 7 kilometers and there were days where I walk 25 kilometers. So why should I upgrade my walks with 5 kilometers you may think? It’s not quantity that’s important but the quality I would like to upgrade. I’m trying to get my mind and body into a new habit. Now, the habit is already settled in as I’m continuously walking on a daily basis but it’s still too unstable to really settle in. Clarity gives focus. When I say I’ll walk the same mount of kilometer a day my mind doesn’t have to think or debate about it anymore. It’s a clear and simple goal.
On the other hand I can perfectly prepare my audio books or teaching videos for 90 minutes a day. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a happy and more structured life.

Preparation before my walks

  1. Eating one hour before my walk: it’s important to have some salt rich food before you go walking for more than two hours.
  2. Drink 500 ml one hour before my walk: I always drink about 500 ml of water before every long walk.

#1 – Why I’m starting to Vlog

More than a year ago life really punched me in the face and I went totally knockout. Luckily I had one strong ability; the ability to get back up and to look forward in a positive manner. I was already reading a lot of books on personal development and empowerment. It was like if my gut had a feeling something hard was coming my way. The only problem was that I didn’t realised it at those moments. And so as life works in mysterious ways; when you don’t listen to the obvious signs it will put you in a position that you have to listen. It puts you down, grabs you by the throat until you almost pass out. Gasping for air I could only follow my mind and body. At that moment my body screamed for fresh air and without realising I got up and started walking for a few hours trying to sort things out.

And did I get things sorted out? No, not in the beginning. At that time, and even after reading dozen of books and hours of video material I still did not realise what got me into this nasty situation.

But then my thoughts started to shift …


Setting up my first Geocaching multi-cache

I’ve been a Geocache member for many years. It’s a great community to discover new places all over the world.

Inform me when the geocache is live on

Would you like to be informed when the geocache is live on Please enter your information below and I’ll personally inform you.